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Local Cuisine

Greek cuisine is widely-known, being an integral part of the Greek culture. On the island of Corfu you can become familiar with the unique identity of Corfiot cuisine, whose dishes tourists never miss the chance to savor the taste of, such as bourdeto (fish recipe), sofrito and kokoras pastitsada (beef recipes). Local dishes are being served at tavernas and restaurants which are often located along the coastal roads of the island of Corfu. Traveling to Corfu is much more fun when eating local dishes.


Nightlife (Acharavi & Sidari by night)

On the island of Corfu you can be offered a top night out almost everywhere. Especially at seaside resorts like Acharavi and Sidari, located to the north of Corfu, nights out often continue on into the early hours of the morning during the summer months. There are plenty of bars and clubs, situated along the coastal roads, which are spectacular and open late every night. Moreover, there are some hotels in Corfu that organize live music parties which their guests are welcome to attend. While in a bar of Corfu just order your desired drink and enjoy great dancing and partying.

acharavi nightlife

Rent a boat (Boat Trips)

Renting a boat in order to organize a boat trip around Corfu is the best way to explore the coastline of the island, secluded beaches that are only accessed by sea and nearby islets. While on a boat trip you will have the chance to enjoy spectacular views you cannot see any other way. It is also notable that there are some boats and yachts available for rent, which provide you with various facilities so that you enjoy your trip to the fullest. Rent a boat and explore Corfu on the easiest way.

corfu rent a boat