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Canal d’ Amour

North Corfu offers lots of ideal locations, including Canal d’ Amour or Channel of Love in English. This spot is widely-known since it is considered to be the beach for couples that want to have an eternal love. Located at the seaside resort of Sidari, about 32 kilometers away from Corfu’s town, Canal d’ Amour boasts high sandstone cliffs, creating a natural canal, scenery straight out of a painting. According to legend, couples who are able to swim along the canal will be in love forever. This spot is one of the most visited ones in Corfu and boasts magnificent waters and surrounding scenery.

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Antinioti Lagoon

A great example of the diverse natural environment of Corfu is the amazing landscape of the Antinioti Lagoon, which has been also included in the NATURA 2000 network for protected areas, which means that any species of the Antinioti Lagoon are protected based on a European Convention concerning Natural Habitats. This lagoon is located near the beaches of Almyros and Agios Spyridonas to the north of Corfu, covering a vast area, which forms a natural habitat, a wetland with many species of flowers, plants and birds and many rare fish species.

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Old Peritheia Village

In the past Corfiots used to build their homes on top of hills, using the local stone, in order to avoid attacks of pirates. Therefore there were many villages having been built within safe distance from coasts. One of these villages is that of Old Peritheia, that was built in the 14th century and is located on the slopes of Mt. Pantokratoras, the highest mountain of Corfu. Inhabitants of Old Peritheia started very soon to cultivate olives, a typical Corfiot product, in order to earn a living. Later, when mass tourism started to support the economic growth mainly in the coastal areas of the island, the village was gradually being abandoned, since inhabitants began to move and work in the coastal areas. Nowadays the village constitutes a historic site with a few remaining stone buildings and churches as well as some amazing spots for accommodation and top quality food.

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